Fountain Hills Christian Center

Fountain Hills Christian Center is a place where you can explore faith in Jesus and connect with others in a positive and safe environment. If you are looking for more in your life, answers to tough questions or a way to cope with all of life’s challenges, we invite you to experience Christian Center. Come and explore with us, grow with us and be a part of a family following Jesus Christ and
living in joy, hope and purpose!

You are welcome here!

As an Assemblies of God church, we are committed to providing an environment in which
you can experience the presence of God in a comfortable setting.

This Week.

Drive Through

Mondays 7:00 - 9:00 am

Rain or shine, every Monday morning since September 2014, from 7-9 am, church members volunteer to provide a blessing to anyone driving into the parking lot. Most request divine assistance for a variety of issues involving everything from coping with illness to troubled youths. “It surprises me how many people are in tears or dejected,” recalls Pastor Todd Forrest, “It’s a great opportunity to show them the love of Jesus and encourage them.” The vision of our church is sharing our hope in Jesus Christ through acceptance, love and care. That is what we try to give people: a framework for ministry in everything we do."

We're Saving a Seat
For You.

We don't care how you're dressed, how many tattoos you have, or what candidate you voted for. We're a church full of broken, imperfect people with every kind of story imaginable, and we're saving a seat for you!

There are people attending, and even leading FHCC, who have major hurts, habits, and hang-up’s. In fact, perfect people are not allowed. We’re a community of people who don’t have it all together, but are discovering what it means to find life in Jesus, to follow him fully, to break free from our past, and to walk in victory together.

If you have any specific questions, email us at, and we hope to meet you this Sunday!

  • Service Time: 10:00 am
  • Fountain Hills Christian Center
  • 16239 E Ironwood Dr
  • Fountain Hills, AZ
  • (480) 837-3735

First Timothy
Bible Study.

Tuesdays 6 pm

Timothy had been a teenager in a home with a pagan father and a Jewish mother, living in the town of Lystra in what is today south-central Turkey. His mother and grandmother had taught him the Scriptures, but he didn’t know that Jesus was the promised Messiah until a rabbi named Paul came to town. Paul healed a man who had been lame from birth and preached the gospel, but then was stoned by the fickle mob and dragged out of the city, thought to be dead. Amazingly, he got up, went back into the city and left the next day. Later he courageously returned and strengthened those who had believed. Timothy was one who had believed. In the years that followed, he grew in the Lord and was highly regarded by the church for his ministry in their midst. Come and study with us as Pastor Todd continues his teaching on Paul's letter to Timothy


If you have a testimony to share, let us know.