Church Home?
Become a Member

Why become a church member? We love Jesus, but loving the church is much more difficult. Is there a good reason to commit yourself to a church? Yes, there is. Church membership is not only biblical, but it provides many benefits for the Christian as well as the body of Christ. When you become Jesus’ disciple, you also join His community of followers and commit to fellowship with them. This means you identify yourself with a body of believers. Obeying the call to discipleship includes church membership. The most fundamental duty of membership is regular fellowship with a local congregation. Another significant benefit is having accountability — because you’ve submitted yourself to the church leadership.

The defining mark of a Christian is love for the fellowship of believers. Jesus said that when we love one another, we are showing the world the power of the gospel (John 17:23). The best place to see this love is in the local church. As members, we support one another. When someone is mourning, we mourn with them. If one rejoices, then we all rejoice. An individual’s financial struggles, sickness or hardships are an opportunity for the church body to step up and set love into action.

We strive for love and unity with believers in the church because this brings glory to God.

If you consider FHCC as your church home, then consider becoming a member. Becoming a member requires attendence and completion of a membership class.

If you want to become a member of this body of believers, please contact the church office.