Connect — Coming together as a local, Gospel-centered community is instrumental in seeing the love of Jesus
proclaimed through our town and to our neighbors.

A Place for You

Get Plugged
In Somewhere.

How can you get connected here at Fountain Hills Christian Center? We invite you to get plugged into the church and get involved. Everyone has their own talents and has a place to get involved here! We pray you will feel welcome from the time you enter the parking lot, to being greeted in the church, and throughout the service. We strive to be a welcoming church.

The Big

You have to look at the big picture first. We always start with the box in front of us. When we can see the big picture, we can then start to put the pieces together. In the church world, always start with the big picture. The Great Commission and the vision God has given our church should be the backbone of everything.

FHCC Jigsaw Puzzle

All Pieces

All pieces belong somewhere. They don't include extra pieces in the box. God doesn't include "spares" in the kingdom. Everyone has a part to play. No matter how gifted or ungifted someone may appear, they have a part they can play in the body. Don't give up on the wounded or those that look different from your typical church person.

Piece Fit?
Yes, It Does.

Sometimes, a piece looks like it wouldn't fit, but does. Occasionally, Georgie picks up a piece of the puzzle, starts to place it in its spot and I think, "there ain't no way that goes there." But it does. Don't be surprised when God calls you to something that doesn't seem to fit. Remember when God told Noah to build a big boat? That seemed crazy! But it fit.

Ways to Connect

Life Groups.

Life at FHCC starts with visiting a Life Group / Bible Study. Currently, there are no Bible Study/Life Groups.

Serve with us.

We serve because Jesus first served us. Through service we have the opportunity to glorify God, to care for others, and to participate in God’s work in this town. We encourage everyone to serve at FHCC

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Become a Member.

Jesus’ followers live their lives through local churches. FHCC cares deeply about our town. We want to bring people together who love Jesus to lead our town into experiencing the grace of God.

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Sacrificially & Cheerfully.

Contributing financially to the work of the church is an expression of worship in response to all that God has done in our midst.

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Celebrate Jesus's work in your life. Be Baptized.

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Be Baptized
In The Holy Spirit.

Receive power from on High. Be Baptized in the Holy Spirit.

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