The Blessings of Christmas Revealed

Began on 12/2/2018

In this series, we are looking at the blessings that Christmas brings to us. Family, relationships, joy of giving, revelations, joy. We are looking at the blessing of influence in decisions in our life. Men and women approach life differently. Joseph and Mary responded to the challenge of raising the savior differently. God prepared Joseph and Mary differently. In the decisions that we make, God is making us. We make a decision but God is making us. And the outcome is important to God. But the outcome, I feel for God is not as important as our character formation. This is the imperative that He has. It is not what the outcome is going to be but what will you learn through it. He wants you to conform to His image. So when we talk about the blessings at Christmas, we can make decisions in life by responding to the influences He puts in our path. God orchestrated the birth of Jesus by uniquely addressing the character development issues of both Joseph and Mary. Because they were at different places spiritually and God had to deal with them differently.

Sermon Series Archive

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