Detox for Your Soul

Began on 1/6/2019

In this series, we are looking at the New Years resolution to detox our soul. There is a need to recalibrate. This year I desire to position myself to hear from the Holy Spirit as to what He wants to do in me and through me this year. Most resolutions fail from lack of planning. Part of it we try to prepare ourselves but it takes planning if we are going to lose weight, read more, or if you are going to run a marathon or whatever you are going to do. It takes planning to do that. There is so much talk recently that say it is good to do a detox. It is so important you see in health situations. You need to detox your body, detox the liver, and detox the digestive system. What about the detox of our souls? As a growing Christian, life is constantly examined and I think Jesus even saw the value of this. Because I think that we need the time to detox even our souls. And this cleansing process we try to get for our body is the same thing that has to happen to detox our soul from the corruption of the world. You realize over the course of 2018 there is stuff that is attached to your soul that is not of God. There are things that get stuck in our lives that are not Godly. So as we start a new year, I want to challenge you to detox your soul. God understands everything and He loves us and He is there for us.

Sermon Series Archive

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