Holy Spirit Baptism Series

Began on 4/29/2018

In this series, as we approach Pentecost Sunday, I will be preaching on who is the Holy Spirit, how does the baptism change the church? How does the baptism change my life, and how can I be baptised in the Holy Spirit? The greatest celebration of the year is Easter. The second most greatest of the year is Pentecost. The disciples were waiting for the Promise. Jesus told them not yet, you need to wait. The Holy Spirit was sent to us to empower our lives. The Holy Spirit is our bucket brigade. How much of the Holy Spirit do you have when you need it the most? Holy Spirit come. Give me an encouraging word for those in the hospital. The Holy Spirit is here with us now. Our buckets are full because the Holy Spirit resides in us. We have enough to put out and extinguish the fires in our lives. You can give, and give, and give, and give and when you turn around your bucket is still full. Acts 1:4 - Wait for the gift of the Holy Spirit. You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes.

Sermon Series Archive

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