Life Together Series

Began on 10/6/2019

In this series, we are going to explore Bonhoeffer's call to teach us to learn how to minister to one another, Life Together - as a spiritual community, much like any other fath community as ours today.

Seven Commitments from Life Together

  • The ministry of holding our tongue.
    "I commit to keeping my tongue pure/positive."
  • The ministry of meekness.
    "I commit to seeing myself and others through God's mercy."
  • The ministry of listening.
    "I commit to pipe down and listen up!"
  • The ministry of bearing.
    "I commit to bear with others failures, weaknesses, and even oddities."

  • Sermon Series Archive

    • The Tongue - Oct 6th, 2019

    • The Ministry of Meekness - Oct 13th, 2019

    • The Ministry of Listening - Oct 20th, 2019

    • The Ministry of Bearing - Oct 27th, 2019