Mysteries of God

Began on 3/31/2019

In this series, Mysteries of God, we wll look at God's perfection and man's heart. My confidence is not in a pretty plant. It is in the eternal harvest in a field. Seeds need to grow, seeds need to fall to the earth and die so more growth takes place. We can't follow our own agenda's, the end result of that is there is no growth taking place. My confidence is just not being a pretty plant, but an eternal harvest of a field. See Jesus never wanted to franchise his lifes ministry on the earth That was not His point. He wanted to build an eternal kingdom. So He came to die to those of all generations so they could have hope in eternal life. He died for everyone at the same time. Matthew 7:21 It was not about the eternal life for them, they did not know the will of the Father. They didn't understand it. We have to do the will of the Father. The will of the Father is for us to surrender, for us to die to our personal self. God's perfection resides in us only after we are firmly established in our eternal personal growth.

Sermon Series Archive

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