Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Began on 2/17/2019

In this series, won't you be my friend, Mr Rogers aired 895 episodes over 31 years. He kept the same format with a simple approach for connecting with people. Networks wanted him to change and upgrade to new technology, but he wanted the simplicity. People would come up to him later in life thanking him for the profound impact he had in their lives. A child needs to know he is being cared for. Time after time, he just wanted those who would watch his show to know that they were cared about. He said more and more parents are getting divorced and these kids need to know someone care about them and is in their corner even if only for a half hour every day. I saw a common thread that is running through the missions effort that we see in the New Testament. So surprised me that I cannot preach outreach until I take a step back and address the fundamental motivation for outreach is to love God and live in relationship with Him. But also there was a value for Christian friendships that had such a depth of profound change in the lives of those in the New Testament. And from those friendships came the church and from the church came outreach into all the world. So we can't really talk about outreach until we really talk about the foundation of friendships.

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