Once Upon A Mountain Series

Began on 6/3/2018

In this series, we are going to explore the Sermon on the Mount. The poor were more receptive of the Good News. Let's face it, do we pray more when we really have struggles in our life or do we pray more when everything is going good? Do we pray more to the Lord when we are sick or when we are healthy? When we have money in our pocket or when we have bills in our pocket? When everything is going good in our marriage or all the rest of the time? When do we start praying more? The poverty that comes in that causes us to be more receptive to the Word of God. So to be poor then is to have complete trust in God. It is a poverty of spirit, it is not talking about poverty of a bank account. Blessed are the poor in spirit. That is where the change is. That is what the Kingdom of Heaven is all about is the poor in spirit. God's Kingdom is about relationships not money.

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